Terms and Conditions

In this part will be defined the terms and conditions ("conditions") which are mandatory to continue using the services of our company "Niskërko".

Upon receipt of these terms by you, it is considered that you have entered into a contract with our company as a service provider, and you as a service recipient.


The services and products offered by our company, from now on will be referred to as "Services".

We have created these conditions in order to inform you about the rights and obligations which arise at the time of receipt of services by our company. Acceptance of these terms by you is ultimately considered to create a contract between you as a service user and the company "Niskërko" as a service provider.

These terms are required to be read carefully and if you see fit you can seek professional advice on their meaning.

"Niskërko" will offer the advanced online platform for all its users, in this platform will be presented all the services and products offered by our company, the products will be presented with all their data and features in a way that consumers become more closely acquainted with the products offered by us.

Users can order the product online by registering their data on the platform, in which case the product is shipped to the requested location

These conditions also regulate the issue of storage of personal data of users in accordance with the applicable laws in our country.

You as a user accept these terms, specifically these rights and obligations at the time of using the site of our company "Niskërko"

Definition of Notions:

The notion "User", "Customer", "Consumer", "You" or "You", means any user of our platform.

"Products" means all services and products offered on the site of our company.

The notion "Platform" means the online site of our company.

"Applicable legislation" means the laws applicable in our country which regulate the issues provided in these Terms.

Collection of personal data:

On the occasion of your access to our Platform, you are required to fill in personal data that include: name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other data necessary for the registration on our platform as and getting online services.

"Request" will ensure that all personal data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 03 / L-172 on Personal Data Protection.

In those cases when our company collects personal data that have been voluntarily filled in by the user, this data will be used only for the purpose of realizing the service and order.

The protection of personal data is done for as long as necessary and is important for the provision of our services, in accordance with applicable laws.

Price, Invoices and Payments:

The price of the products is the payment for the purchase of the product by the User-Consumer of our company, the payment also includes taxes.

Invoices issued by our company will contain all the data required by applicable laws.

Consumer protection:

Consumer rights will be treated in accordance with the legal provisions of Law No. 04 / L-121 on Consumer Protection.

The presentation of products on our platform will be done in the best possible way, in order to truly reflect the data and features of these products for Users.

The products offered through our platform will meet the conditions required by the legal provisions of Law No. 04 / L-077 on Relationships of Obligations which regulate the material and legal defects of the item.

How to close the account and delete your data:

Before closing your account, consider contacting us first. We do not want to see you leave and we will do everything we can to solve any problems you may have.

When you submit a request to close your account, all your personal information will be deleted.

Execution of Niskero requests:

In case of non-fulfillment of obligations by the Consumer, our company has the right to realize its request through the enforcement procedure based on a reliable document "invoice".

Dispute Resolution:

All disputes that may arise regarding the application or interpretation of these terms will be resolved through court proceedings before the competent Court.